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The 1990s Fashion Book

The 1990s Fashion Book

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by Agata Toromanoff , Pierre Toromanoff 

• A fashion retrospective in a coffee-table book on the occasion of the current '90s revival

 • A comprehensive look back at an exciting fashion decade: over 200 pages and more than 150 high-quality photographs

 • Including chapters on fashion icons of the '90s

 The 1990s Fashion Book is a tribute to the unique fashion of that time. Flashy, colorful, casual and sexy, these were the attributes that applied back then. Top models, hip-hoppers or pop groups like Take That and the Spice Girls exemplified a fashion style that triggered a boom all over the world. It is fair to say that, in retrospect, hardly any other decade has had such a formative effect on modern times as the 1990s. It is considered a decade of revolution, in which almost everything that had existed before changed at breakneck speed. This is when ground-breaking technologies such as the internet or nationwide mobile telephony came into being, without which our lives today would be unimaginable. Modern pop culture and current fashion design originate to a large extent from the cradle of the '90s. Sub-trends of the time such as grunge, hip-hop, minimalism, casual chic and deconstructivism are, in retrospect, what continues to have an impact today. Text in English and German.

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