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Oscar Wilde House Model

Oscar Wilde House Model

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Writer, Raconteur and Wit. His last words on being released from Reading Jail after his infamous fall from grace, were ‘That wallpaper will have to go!’

The ultimate irony might be that the lawyer who sealed his fate had previously been none other than his great Trinity College friend, in a court case where homosexuality was deemed a criminal and heinous condition.It would seem that Wilde had run the gamut of a life of extremes. At times being a writer whose plays, poems and wit had seen him rise to the apex of the Edwardian social scene and become the toast of Edwardian society – the depth of his subsequent fall being of equal measure to his earlier rise to fame.

He grew up in this house at one corner of Merion Square Dublin with his wealthy parents of secure standing both his father, a very senior geologist, his warm mother, a lady who he loved completely and whose theatrical and artistic leanings informed his life.

Oscar Wilde’s infancy and brilliance lives on today, a man who ‘looked up to the stars’, loved and lived how he wanted and made the world love him through the economy of his wit and hilarious genius.

His mistake was to fall in love with ‘Bosie’, the son of an aristocrat, an act that caused moral outrage and scandal when dragged through the High Courts of London.

  • Height: 7.5″
  • Width: 4″
  • Depth: 2.5″
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