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Derby Summer House Danvers

Derby Summer House Danvers

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7.5" h, 4" w, 2.75" d

Located originally in Danvers, Massachusetts, the house was designed by Samuel McIntire and is now located in Glen Magna. Since 1958 it has been owned by the Danvers Historical Society.

It is a beautiful Adamesque tea house made of wood, well-preserved and extremely rare. The summerhouse includes examples of very early American sculpture; rustic wood statues of a reaper and milkmaid.
The footprint of the building is 20 feet square, decorated in fluted pilasters, ionic swags, and Grecian roof urns.
The House was purchased in 1901 by William Endicott and then moved 4 miles up the road!

The milkmaid sculpture was missing at the time of the move but was later found after 20 years in another building.

The Teahouse represented American Federal architecture at its finest. The taking of tea is, of course, a very English tradition and
to own such a building where tea might be taken was the height of any social occasion.

In a country where wood is plentiful and stone expensive this American structure reflects a British idea in an American form.

America thought to be as sophisticated as Britain by emulating its architecture and this is an example of the Robert Adam style.

The Adam Ballroom added by George Washington to his own house at Mount Vernon is also an example of this.

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