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Daja vu Style

Daja vu Style

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Fashion Trends that made a Comeback

The first book dedicated to recurring fashion phenomena

Indispensable for all those interested in fashion

Includes interviews with renowned fashion historians and sociologists

Inspiration for every fashion taste: from crop tops to pleated skirts to complete denim looks

One fashion sin is another trend part. Opinions about tapered pants, shoulder pads and leopard prints may differ, but the fact is that (almost) every trend in fashion comes back at some point. So it's hardly surprising that THE pants of the 1980s - nowadays called mom jeans - are celebrating a grandiose comeback and that other parts that were thought to have long since been buried in the fashion graveyard are also experiencing amazing revivals. But how does this resurgence of past trends come about in the first place and how can you predict when a piece will be hip again?

Déjà Vu Style is dedicated to these special pieces, illuminating their history, showing celebrities who shaped the style and explaining their comeback. From the 1960s miniskirt, to the 70s crochet dress, to the 90s platform soles, to the 2000s Y2K trend, they're all brought together in this informative and entertaining fashion book. Fashion historians and vintage fashion experts provide additional exciting background knowledge. The current topic of green fashion is also taken up here, because nothing counteracts the phenomenon of fast fashion more sustainably than wearing rediscovered old fashion treasures from your mother or grandma.

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