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Counting With Dim Sum

Counting With Dim Sum

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Introduce your bitty babes to their first counting book that not only captures their attention and teaches them counting in two languages, but also celebrates Chinese culture!

“Extremely adorable cut-paper collage illustrations plate up the food, each piece with a cute face and unique expression…This sturdily constructed, irresistible board book is a must-purchase for any library serving a Chinese community.”―Booklist, Starred Review

Counting in two languages is so much fun with our dim sum friends!

Dim sum is everyone’s favorite late-morning-to-lunchtime meal shared between family and friends. Our counting book utilizes dim sum’s little dishes, accompanied by a pot of tea, as the subject for children to practice their counting. Children and adults alike will be delighted to find their favorite snacks included in the book as they turn each page.

Our counting book squeezes in lots of extra learning opportunities and skills, such as encouraging one-to-one correspondence while practicing counting on a numberline, extra fun facts about Chinese language, and a non-fiction page with real-life pictures of dim sum items in the picture glossary.

Parents will adore this eye-catching bilingual Chinese-English read due to its effortless integration of Chinese culture through the introduction of everyone’s favorite dim sum dishes. Children will love the vibrant colors and the expressive faces in the artwork which help to make learning so much fun for everyone!

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