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100 Herbs to Grow

100 Herbs to Grow

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A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Culinary And Medicinal Herbs

by McVicar Jekka (Author)

This is a comprehensive gardening guide, so Jekka details how to grow in the garden, in containers and from seed as well as guiding you through propagation, division, cuttings, harvesting and yearly maintenance. And because she grows over 500 different herbs, she knows which species and varieties are the best of each herb (including ones that she has personally cultivated and bear her name!). In the forty years she has been growing, she has witnessed the change of climate and pests and diseases that affect herbs so she has created an up-to-date and authoritative herb handbook.

Jekka also offers historical knowledge and anecdotes as well as culinary and medicinal uses so you can reap the rewards of your successfully grown herbs.

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