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The Joy of Dahlias Hardcover

The Joy of Dahlias Hardcover

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by Linda van der Slot (Author), Katja Staring (Author), Marlies Weijers (Author)

  • The ideal gift book on this flower that has seen a rise in popularity, illustrated with beautiful color photographs
  • The ultimate book for every flower lover
  • "Dahlias have enriched my life. By making this book, I want to share my passion and show how versatile and special dahlias really are;" - Marlies Weijers
  • "Everyone is capable of letting dahlias flower. And what we love the most is spreading the love for flowers with #spreadtheloveforflowers." - Linda van der Slot

The dahlia, a flower that was once thought of as old-fashioned, has surged in popularity over the past few years due to the development of new varieties and an uptick in appreciation from Royals and celebrities. They appear in a broad spectrum of beautiful colors and eccentric shapes, and thanks to their long flowering time they are garden crop favorites. This inspirational book explores every aspect of the dahlia from its history to its sustainable cultivation.

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