Just Beads Pewter Frame, 5×5


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The Just Beads metal picture frame blends elements of both classical and modern metalwork to create something wholly new. This simple and highly articulated design will blend beautifully in your home or office, making a great impression on the surroundings without depending on any existing style or elements.

The Just Beads metal picture frame is created in the style of English Neo Classical moulding. Featuring a running bead motif, these large beads are sure to evoke feelings of appreciation, as each frame is handcrafted with hand-made molds. The smooth sight and edge surrounding this bead motif breathes further life into it, and helps it to stand out in any room. The Just Beads metal picture frame takes a classical design and blends contemporary style with it, making it the perfect piece for your home, or for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the classics.


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